Kitchen Sink

The white porcelain kitchen sink I bought originally had black metal legs. I wanted to make a wooden stand for it, but my woodwork skills are not that good, so I altered a table and a small kitchen unit.

I removed two of legs at one end of the table and the table top, leaving the frame it sat on. [I put this to one side to use on another unit.] . The height of the kitchen sink on top of the table frame was a perfect match against the small kitchen unit.

I made the frame of the table top slightly narrower for the sink to stand on.

The frame and the cupboard unit were lightly sanded and the edges of the small cupboard top were rounded off. I sanded the struts along the bottom so that they had a more worn look, then added small nails at each end.

I used a light yellow chalk paint for a base coat, then painted a green top coat. It was then distressed, and polished with antique wax, then added some little door knobs. Whilst I was drilling a hole for the drawer knob on the small unit, I split the wood, [It spun round on the end of the drill, and then flew across the room, I sometimes wonder if I should be in charge of electrical tools.] so it is now a storage hole, not a drawer.

I am quite pleased with the result, and looks mulch better than the metal legs.

Why not distress you own furniture to add character to a piece of off the shelf furniture. Up-cycle some un-used furniture in the style of your choice, aged, stylish, rustic, even the very popular shabby chic. Make your own unique piece of furniture…..

  1. Clean your chosen piece of furniture with white spirit, sand any rough areas, with a fine sandpaper. It is a good idea to remove and sand any furniture which is heavily varnished, also remove any residue glue around joints, enabling the paint will adhere better.
  2. Paint the entire piece in the base coat colour of chalk paint you have selected. When dry add a second coat of the same colour or a different one depending on the look you want to achieve.
  3. When the paint is dry, start sanding the areas that would naturally end up looking worn or distressed, corners, edges, sides of legs and tops of drawers. To get a nice smooth surface sand very gently all over the furniture.
  4. Finish with a layer of wax, [either clear or tinted, depending on the result you want.] this will enhance the paint, giving your furniture a lovely silky smooth finish. You can use varnish instead of wax, but I think wax gives a better finish.


Princess Sink

I have added a sink full of bubbles and washing up in the sink, using scenic water and pearl seed beads.

Princess Sink




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