Chest of Drawers

This was a lovely piece of furniture to work on, with lots of drawers, and was the first piece I completed.  A lot of it was trial and error as rubbing the top layer of paint needed a gentle touch, unlike working on a full size piece of furniture.

Distressed Chest of Drawers

The paint I used was Rust Oleum Chalky Finish.  The chest of drawers was painted with two coats of chalk paint, the first coat was Fire Brick with a top coat of  Sage Green.  The bottom draw was painted with a first coat of Sage Green. with a top coat of Fire Brick. I think it just balances out the colour and breaks up the green.


The biggest challenge was to find draw pulls to suit this furniture, they were made with pieces of a bracelet I took apart.  They do hang down a bit on to the next draw, but I like the effect.


The drawers were sanded down and just painted at the front, and waxed around the sides. I then lined them with sticky back green felt, giving it a neat finish.

Distressed Chest of Drawers




Distressed Chest of Draws

This is one of the legs, I was very pleased with paint effect on this, as it was so small. [ ………………]


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