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The paint I used for painting my furniture was Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint, there are other makes available, but this is the one my local DIY store sells.

Chalky Paint

For the Coffee Table, I am going to use, Mustard [yellow] for the basecoat and Belgrave [blue] for the top coat.

Coffee Table

First of all I cleaned the piece of furniture with white spirit, and lightly sanded any rough areas. Some cheaper pieces of Dolls House furniture have thick areas of glue around the joints, and a thick layer of varnish. To get a good result I have sanded the furniture, but with this paint it is not necessary.

Coffee Table Sanded

The Chalk paint is quite thick, and needs to be stirred well before use, or it will not cover easily in one coat.

Coffee Table

As I have painted the light Mustard colour over the dark wood, it has not covered well, so I am giving it a second coat.  Ensure the paint is dry between each layer, or the paint brush with drag off the paint.

Coffee Table Yellow

A second coat has given it a much better coverage, with no dark areas.

Coffee Table Blue

The Blue coat of paint has covered the Coffee Table in one go.  Leave this at least a day to fully dry before you begin distressing it.

Coffee Table Distressed

I left the paint to dry for a day before I started rubbing down. This is the fun part, and you can sand the places that naturally show wear, to get that distressed effect. Remember though to sand very lightly, using a fine sand paper, so you just remove the top coat of paint.  In places I did rub a bit harder to reveal the wood, giving quite a realistic look.  Just remember when to stop, as you can get carried away.

Coffee Table Wax

When I finished sanding,  and was happy with the effect I had achieved, I applied an Antique Pine Wax.  It was easier to apply a layer of wax with a small brush, to get into the smaller areas.  After about 10 minutes, I buffed it up gently with a clean cotton cloth, to remove and polish the wax. You can add more wax if you want a more glossy surface. It is amazing how the wax transforms the colour of the paint.

Coffee Table




Using the Antique Wax does give a more worn look, with aging on the top. A clear wax will give a fresh bright finish and bring out the blue and yellow colour. It is up to you what type of finish you are looking for.


I removed the Antique Wax, and put on a Clear Finishing Wax, you can see what a difference it makes the blue a lot brighter.





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